Radius Is An iPhone 5 Case That’s So Simple You’ll Hardly Notice It [Kickstart This!]



No one really likes slapping a case on their iPhone — no matter how pretty or how protective that case may be. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll try to find the thinnest, lightest iPhone case on the market in an effort to preserve Apple’s sleek and sexy design. Mod-3 feels exactly the same way, and they’ve designed the Radius, a new iPhone 5 case that’s so minimalistic you’ll hardly notice it.

Currently looking for backers on Kickstarter, the Radius is quite possibly the simplest iPhone case you’ll ever find. It’s designed to protect your device without spoiling its design, and its so slim, it barely extends beyond the volume buttons on the side. It weighs just 4.4 grams.

Radius-corners-iPhone-5Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Radius is essentially four corner covers that are fitted together with an x-shaped frame. Each corner piece is chamfered and designed to match the iPhone 5’s aluminum bezel, with a slightly raised profile that will prevent your display from being scratched when you place it face-down.

Each corner piece contains a non-slip lining that prevents any movement, and offers extra impact protection. The Radius comes in polished aluminum to match the white iPhone 5, anodized red, or anodized cyan. There will also be a special edition green model for 250 Kickstarter backers.


Check out the Mod-3’s demonstration of the Radius below.

Like all Kickstarter projects, the Radius needs your backing before it can enter mass production. Mod-3 is currently looking for pledges between $1 and $1,000, while $49 or more will guarantee you a case as soon as they begin shipping.

Source: Kickstarter