The Fitbit Flex Wristband Helps You Wirelessly Track Your Activity [CES 2013]


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Fitness technology company Fitbit has unveiled a new product this year at CES that they call the Fitbit Flex, a bluetooth wristband. As with many other products announced at this year’s CES, the Fitbit Flex works with an iOS app over Bluetooth 4.0 to keep your fitness data up to date.

The Fitbit Flex companion app tracks your activities, and keeps a record of how many steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve traveled, how many calories you’ve burned, as well as the quality of your sleep.

The Flex unit itself is a flexible wristband that comes in five colors and has built in LED indicator lights on it. It’s waterproof design means that you can even take it in the shower with you.

The wristbands are available to preorder right now here, and Fitbit hopes to have them available by early spring.

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