The Lightning Battery Cases Finally Arrive At CES [CES 2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – I tried a Lightning-equipped battery case out today, and it was great. If you were doubting Apple’s decision to swap out its hideous 30-pin connector for the svelte new Lightning, then one smooth-sliding click of UNU’s case will put you straight.

The case is simple, and yet very nicely made. The battery is a 2,300mAh monster, enough for 1.5 charges of the iPhone 5. It comes in two parts, splitting horizontally roughly in the middle to allow the bottom part to slide over the bottom par tof your phone.

It clicks home with a satisfying ker-chunk, and slides off easily, but not accidentally. It seems that official Lightning accessories must have the same fit and finish as those from Apple.

Finally, there’s a lip that grabs the chamfered edge at the front of the iPhone, letting you put it face-down without worrying about scratches, and blue-red LEDs to indicate charging status.

Price? A very reasonable $80, and you’ll be able to buy it from mid-late February.

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