Stick-n-Find Object Tracker Adds New Features For CES Preview [CES 2013]


Stick and Find it
The tiny thing you can never lose

Stick-n-Find is a clever – and very small – object tracking device that talks to an app on your iDevice via Bluetooth, over a range of about 100 feet. After a hugely successful fundraising program on Indiegogo that raised six times more than required, the makers will be showing off the gadget at CES.

Stick-n-Find is a sticky widget, hardly bigger than a coin, that you can stick on just about anything that moves. That includes – and is especially well suited to – things that move even when you don’t expect them to, like remote controls and sets of keys.

When you can’t find your stickered item, open up the app and you can page it. The Stick-n-Find will bleep or flash a light. Or you can use radar mode to navigate your way towards it. The app can track as many as 20 different stickers simultaneously.

Thanks to being so massively over-subscribed on Indiegogo, the makers have announced that the final production model will come in a variety of colors and will include a temperature sensor, allowing you to find out how hot things are where the device is. That the designers have managed to pack so much into such a small container is extraordinary, even more so when combined with the claim that the battery will last “about a year.”

As a parent, I particularly like the idea of the “virtual leash” which alerts you if your Stick-n-Find goes out of range unexpectedly. No, I don’t make a habit of tracking my child’s every move, but there are occasions (busy airports, crowded places) when it would be extremely useful to know that he’s still close by.

Source: Stick-n-Find