Flickstagram Frees Your Instagrams, Preserves Metadata



Did you read last week’s Cult of Mac post about copying your Instagram photos over to Flickr? Did you think to yourself “Well, ain’t that something? I’ll surely have to do something about that,” and then just do nothing? Well, I have good news – your laziness has at last prevailed, for there is another service that does the exact same thing, only better.

Last week’s still-great service was called Free The Photos, and it grabbed all your Instagrams and put them into Flickr, a service you can pay for, and which lets you choose the copyright/Creative Commons license for your pics.

FTP preserved the upload order of your photos,, as well as your own titles and geodata.

The new Flickstagram does this, but more. Here’s the full list:

  • The caption from Instagram any hashtags will be added as Flickr tags
  • Location data if present
  • The original photo date is preserved
  • All Instagram comments will be imported as well!
  • If you don’t have a Flickr Pro account, only your first 1,500 photos will be imported.
  • If you have never set your location preferences in Flickr, geo data will not be imported

Of these, the one that makes me think I might re-do my import is the preservation of the photo’s original date. FTP dumps everything right into your timeline as if the photos were new. It’s a fantastic service, and if you’re just getting started on Flickr, FTP will work fine. But if you have photos on there stretching back years, then keeping them all in the right order is a sweet extra.

Plus, both of these services are free. Careful you don’t use up your monthly Flickr bandwidth allowance, though – better to pick one and use that once.

Source: Flickstagram