New MacBook Pros, Airs In June 2013 Doesn’t Even Count As A Rumor



Want to know an easy way to predict a new Apple product release? Follow Digitimes‘s winning formula!

1) Pick a product that is unlikely to get a major new design soon, like the recently refreshed MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air.

2) Check when that product is most likely to get a refresh according to Cult of Mac’s handy, dandy, easy-to-use shopping guide.

3) See what chips Intel is set to release next year in that time frame.

And there you go! The result is something very similar to today’s Digitimes “exclusive,” which says that Apple will update the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in June 2013, with the MacBook Air getting a new processor, most likely Intel’s new Haswell architecture, which is perfect for ultrabooks.

These reports really write themselves, don’t they?

Source: Digitimes

  • technochick

    Until Apple announces it, it is most definitely a rumor. And this ‘article’ a thoroughly embarrassing example of hit whoring

  • Gabadoo

    June 2013! LOL Apple might not even be making laptops by then…

  • MrsCleaver

    Soooo, thennnn, this is a piece about… really… nothing.