Proof: Santa Gave The Good iPads, The Naughty Microsoft Surfaces For Christmas



The tablet wars in a nuthsell: of the tens of thousands of people who opened a tablet on Christmas morning, 7 times as many people got iPads than Kindles, 18 times as many people got iPads than a Google Nexus and 50 times as many people got an iPad as a Surface. Looks like Santa’s an Apple fan.

Source: Reddit

  • chuckmcginley

    Tomorrow some dolt analyst will post an article claiming Android now owns 67% of the market and Surface has closed the gap on iPad too as he/she shorts AAPL…

  • Market_Mayhem

    The ZunePad is the proverbial lump of coal reserved for the naughty ones of the world.
    They’re talking about how many iPads Apple sold in comparison to rivals, but Apple’s share price is still dropping. Crap investment. Jeff Bezos will be bragging about how many more Kindle Fires his company sold over last year and the share price will shoot up as investors go into a frenzy. As for Microsoft, Windows 8 sales are both micro and soft.