iPad 5 To Come In March, Retina iPad Mini Will Have A6X Processor [Rumor]



With Apple having recently updated the iPad after a mere seven months, there’s been talk lately that instead of Cupertino’s schedule of annual updates, they might be moving to a bi-annual update schedule instead.

It doesn’t take a genius, then, to trace the newest rumor to mere speculation: according to a hit-or-miss Japanese Apple blog, Apple will release the iPad 5 in March, and it will have a chassis design similar to the iPad mini.

According to Macotakara, the fifth-generation iPad will be here in a mere three months, and it will be smaller: 4mm smaller in height, 16mm in width, and 2mm in depth. It will also have a design more like the iPad mini.

Okay, we’ll buy that, maybe. The iPad mini is an attractive design, and it would be a welcome change to see the bigger iPad get the same look.

But here’s where Macotakara’s report starts falling apart for us. They also say that Apple’s got a new iPad mini in the wings. Naturally, they say it’s a Retina device, but they also claim that the new iPad mini has the fourth-generation iPad’s massive A6X processor.

That seems just bonkers to me. At best, you’d expect the iPad mini to boast an older chip, like the A5X manufactured with a smaller die size, not a chip that is at an absolute premium right now and will likely remain Apple’s most expensive, powerful chip until at least October.

Macotakara, it has to be noted, misses a lot of rumors. They tend to be good at “predicting” the common sense stories, and less good at sourcing stories that come out of left field. For example, they have predicted that the iPod nano will come with WiFi, or that Apple has been secretly hoarding carbon fiber.

Source: Macotakara

  • suomynona

    I’m getting so tired of this.

  • branjmb

    I would love if the new ipad was out in March– Selling my macbook for an ipad, and knowing a new designed model is up next, it’s hard to want to make the switch just yet

  • monstermasten

    They update way too frequently. People always buy Apple-products because usually they know for sure they have the best product on the market for at least a year. If people can’t be certain of this, they will stop buying. Apple, slow down. Although I want retina iPad mini so hurry up! Hehe.

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    The next iPad mini shouldn’t have the A5X. I’d be willing to go with the A6 clocked at 1.3GHz. In this configuration, Apple can release an experience that is similar to the iPhone 5, which is fantastic. The triple-core iPhone 5 GPU is actually superior to the quad-core iPad 3 design. An iPad mini with an A6 + Retina Display can be the only iPad mini needed for years.

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    As for the iPad 5. That thing needs a redesign. If the next iPad had a design similar to the iPad mini with the thinness of the iPad mini along with some extra goodies like a higher clocked CPU, it’d be THE tablet to get. I’d sell my iPad 4 to get one in a heartbeat. It would also be nice if the tablet FINALLY expanded it’s storage from 64GB to 128GB or at least 90GB or something.

  • Huntress

    The iPad will be smaller? Why? Is it going to merge with the Mini? I like the size of my iPad. If I didn’t, I would buy the Mini.

    I agree with another poster, I am getting so tired of this.