Smithfly Waterproof Roll-Top Gadget Pouch Looks Pretty Fricken’ Awesome



If you want a waterproof bag, forget about zippers, velcro, or any other kind of fastening. What you need is a roll-top bag – just ask Ortlieb, the king of waterproof gear.

The same goes for gadget bags, and Smithfly’s Digi-Pouch offers a tight-sealing, easy-access home for your cameras, iPhones and anything else you want to keep dry.

A roll-top bag has a gaping top hole, usually with a plastic stiffener on one of the sides. You place the lips side by side and roll up, sealing the opening. What happens next depends on the bag. On Ortliebs Roller bike panniers, the edges are cinched down with a strap. In the case of the Digi-Pouch, the ends have plastic fasteners which clip together.

The result is as watertight as you can get, and these bags then clip onto your belt or the waist-strap of your backpack using openable straps (so you don;t have to take off you belt to remove the bag).

And that’s it. Waterproof, simple, and very, very light. It’s also $60, which seems pricey, but is a lot cheaper than replacing the DSLR it protects.

I’m currently in the market for an iPhone case/pouch which will hook onto the strap of my backpack, but I haven’t found anything so far (hit me up via e-mail or Twitter with any suggestions). If there was a miniature version of this pouch, I’d be on it in seconds.

Source: SmithFly

Via: Uncrate