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Your iPhone Is Ready To Love You Back With New Hatch App



You probably love the hell out of your iPhone. You take it everywhere. Give it constant attention. Make sure it’s clothed in the coolest covers so it doesn’t get banged up and have to go to the Genius Bar emergency room. Heck, you probably even sleep with the little guy.

Sadly, your iPhone doesn’t love you. But a new app called Hatch wants to change all that by turning your iPhone into a pet that loves you back. Hatch is a new iOS game that hatches cute little pets called Fugus inside your iPhone. You can feed your Fugu, clean up after it, pet it, play with it, and tons of other activities to shower it with love. Your Fugu will love you right back. It’s kind of like the Tamagotchi craze, but better.

Here’s a video of the app in action:

If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet but don’t want to have to deal with feeding it real food, cleaning up after it, taking it on walks, and the possibility of it dying, maybe you should just get a Fugu instead.

Hatch doesn’t launch till early next year but you can already adopt a pet by going over to Hatch’s website and choose an egg. Once you fill out your info you’ll become the proud parent of your very own Fugu that will hatch once the app is released. Until then, you’ll just have to keep cuddling with your loveless iPhone.

Source: Hatch