If You’ve Ever Wished Your iPhone Had A Massive Snooze Button… [Kickstarter]



A very long three years ago, one of the very first appcessories we ever saw was this crazy-looking hardware clock that mimicked a virtual clock on the face of the iPhone. Whee! Yeah, we weren’t too impressed either. But these guys have the right idea about how to make the iPhone a better clock: add a massive snooze button.

Distil Union hatched the Snooze from its Kickstarter icubator today, and the thing actually looks like a nifty idea. It’s simply a wooden stand for the iPhone 4/S/5, so you can see the time, with a rubber top that doubles as a big, impossible-to-miss snooze button.

Of course, the Snooze isn’t an appcessory; the big snooze button simply smacks the volume button, which activates the snooze function on most alarm clock apps (including the iPhone’s native Clock app and Distil Union’s free Snooze app).

  • jpadhiyar

    Much more than the whole accessory thing, I’m drawn towards how they’ve beautifully packaged the whole setup – including a wonderfully minimal app to go with the accessory. But wait! That Snooze button is Satan’s strategic key to prevent it from being productive! The larger it looks, the scarier the ulterior motives sound.

  • joewaylo

    Wait. Don’t we have one for the 4S and past generations, with i5 requiring the adapter dongle such as iHome alarm clock desktops?