Apple Updates iCloud System Status Page With Detailed Analytics For Specific Services


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This afternoon Apple quietly updates its iCloud System Status webpage with a new design that presents more details information about outages for specific services, such as iMessage and Siri. Several widespread outages have plagued iCloud in recent months, and Apple’s new layout is more transparent about the downtime and how many users are affected.

A grid of all iCloud-related services is displayed with green or brownish indicators. If a service is experiencing problems, the light will turn from green into a brown warning sign.

Below the chart of services there is a timeline with details for each issue. There’s a timetable you can scroll through to see when a specific service was experiencing issues, and on the right Apple displays the problems from the day along with when they occurred and the percentage of users who were affected. In some cases Apple will only say “some users” instead of giving an exact percentage.

It’s interesting to see Maps as a service that’s listed. Hopefully we don’t see too much downtime there.

This is a great page to bookmark if any of your Apple online services start acting up. The page is updated in realtime and usually has the most up to date info from the mouth of Apple itself.

Source: Apple

Via: The Next Web