Mailbox Is Ready To Bring Modernized Email To Your iPhone Next Year


Updated already? Shake it!
Updated already? Shake it!
  • Clem_E

    Looks awesome!

  • Clem_E

    Looks awesome!

  • Guest

    This looks amazing

  • Gadget

    This looks fantastic!! Apple should buy this company and make this the default mail app

  • CK Sandberg

    Does anyone actually proofread these postings before going live? Anyone who knows what the apostrophe is used for?

    “…swipe to the left and hold let’s you move the email in your list…”
    “…but it’s UI is better than…”

    Two completely obvious errors within four lines. Sad excuse for a professional site.

  • HunterD

    This does look pretty great. And I agree – Apple should buy and utilize this.

  • Diego_OC93

    Looks great!