Office For iPad References Leaked On Microsoft’s Support Site



It’s been rumored that Microsoft Office for iPad will be unleashed on the world in early 2013. We haven’t seen any leaked screenshots, nor has Microsoft given an official release date, but it’s bound to come out sooner or later.

The latest signs that Office for iPad is coming soon come from Microsoft’s own support site where references to “Excel for iPad” have been found.

A reader at the French Apple blog Mac4Ever was the first to spot the references on a Microsoft Office support page for Excel that discusses custom numeric formats for the format function. The right side of the support article contains a list of all Microsoft products the article applies to and “Excel for iPad” is the only application listed.

The reference to iPad for Excel can only be found on the French version of the article while the English version only lists “Excel 2013, PowerPivot in Excel 2013.” The reference to Office for iPad might just be human error, or someone jumped the gun when they updated the article. We’re sure Office for iPad is cooking up in Redmond, but when it will be released is anyone’s guess.

Source: Microsoft

Via: Mac4Ever