Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Now Available On iPad!



As I shrieked in jubilation on Twitter, it’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition — the modernized port of one of the best RPGs of all time — has finally landed on the iPad!

And if you, like me, ever spent six months in 1999 slowly turning your skin translucent under the X-Ray glow of an old CRT monitor massacring half the Sword Coast with a chaotic evil gnome, well, say good bye to your social life, boys.

If you’ve never played Baldur’s Gate, it’s the game that really put Bioware — makers of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the Mass Effect series — on the map. Adapted from the classic Advanced Dungeons and Dragons ruleset, Baldur’s Gate takes players on a sweeping role-playing adventure through an eighty hour campaign that sees the player wrestling with the gods themselves. The Enhanced Edition is that but more so, featuring brand new content and characters, as well as a new adventure called the Black Pits. Swoon.

It’s an awesome game, one of the truest RPG experiences ever to hit the PC… and now it’s available on the iPad. Or, rather, the iPad mini, and iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4: unfortunately, the game requires iOS 6 to run, meaning it won’t work on the original iPad.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition coss $9.99 on the iTunes Store, and it’s worth every penny. As excited as I am about the original game, though, I’m hoping this means we’ll see Baldur’s Gate 2 on the iPad next year. If that happens, I might just change my Facebook status to “In a relationship.”

Source: iTunes

  • ElVox

    Why did I see this while at work?? Now I’m gonna be all stressed out until I get home and am able to grab it :( Gonna have to stamp on some users since I can’t stamp on kobolds…