3-In-1 Lightning Camera Connector Is Way Better Than Apple’s Stupid Cables



It’s December, which means that the lack of real news combined with my absurd love for iPhone and camera-related gewgaws takes over, bring a rain of plastic crap down on the pages of Cult of Mac. Sometimes this intersects with a genuinely useful accessory, and today we bring you the 3-in-1 Lightning Camera Connector.

Apple somewhat inexplicably ditched the super-portable little dongles in its iPad camera connection kit for a pair of cables, the SD-to-Lightning adapter and the USB-to-Lightning adapter, which cost $30 and $20 respectively.

iPhone5mod’s answer is to pack everything into one little box, with USB, SD and microSD on one side and Lightning on the other. Thus you can slurp pictures and movies from any card, plug in a CF-card adapter or even connect a keyboard or a microphone to your 4G iPad or iPad Mini.

I already have a camera connection kit, and it is so tiny that it’s always in my bag. It also works great with Apple’s Lightning-to-30-pin-dock-connector adapter, whilst still remaining smaller than Apple’s ridiculous cable.

But this all-in-one looks worth a look, especially as it costs just $24.

Source: iPhone5mod

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    Except it won’t work with a case on your iPad or iPad mini. I like the cables.

  • MrsCleaver

    Looks nice. But with a name like iPhone5Mod, wouldn’t you expect it to work on, say, an iPhone 5?

    I purchased Apple’s overpriced USB to Lightening dongle, only to find it will only upload and/or connect to an iPad. Doesn’t apple imagine those of us without iPads might enjoy uploading directly to our iPhones when “in the field?” I don’t get their reasoning.

  • ulyssesric

    CompactFlash, anyone ?

  • stevejy4e

    Placed order ;D Was looking for something like this ever since I got my mini on ship day. Hope it works as advertised.