Macally’s New iPad Mini Case Will Keep Your New Tablet Tidy, But Could Be Cheaper [Review]



Macally was one of the first manufacturers to get its iPad mini cases onto the market when the device was launched back in early November, and this one from the guys at MobileFun caught my eye for a number of reasons.

It provides protection for both the front and back of the device, with a hard plastic shell that houses the iPad mini, and a plastic cover that’s lined in soft, suede-like material. The cover also doubles as a stand for typing and watching movies.

The case provides access to your all of your device’s ports and buttons, and includes a cutout for its rear-facing camera. It’s priced at $47 and comes in a range of colors, but is it worth that price tag?

The Good

The Macally case does a great job of protecting your iPad mini. Its hard plastic casing will ensure that it won’t come to any harm while rolling around in the bottom of your backpack, or if you happen to drop the device from a relatively low height.

The front cover has a faux leather tab that slots into another piece of faux leather around the back. This ensures that the front cover stays closed when you want it to, and that it won’t pop open when your iPad mini takes a tumble. This also keeps the case secure when used as a stand for typing.

The Macally case also provides plenty of access to your iPad mini’s buttons and ports. It doesn’t leave them too exposed — so they shouldn’t be damaged if you drop it — but you don’t have to worry about squeezing your fingers into tiny holes to change the volume or flick the mute switch.

It also provides decent protection for the iPad mini’s camera without preventing light from entering and ruining your photos.

The case isn’t at all heavy, and it doesn’t add too much bulk to your sleek and sexy iPad mini. It also looks nice; it’s stylish and subtle and not at all over the top — but you’ll have to ensure you keep it clean.

The Bad

That’s not easy, however, because the case attracts a lot of dirt — and it’s not easy to clean. It’s suede-like finish means hairs and bits of fluff will firmly attach themselves to it, and you’ll have to pick them all off one by one.

And keep it awake from kids with mucky fingers, because it’s not a case you’ll want to keep wiping over with a wet cloth — that’s likely to damage its soft finish. I found that leaving it on a warm radiator also sends the material shiny, though that’s not something you should do with an iPad mini in any case.

It also has no Smart Cover magnets, which means it won’t send your iPad mini to sleep when you close it, or wake it up when you open it. That’s not a massive issue — there’s a sleep/wake button for that — but it’s something I’ve gotten used to with iPad cases so I don’t like it when it’s not there.

The Verdict

For me, the Macally case has been very good. Although I have had trouble keeping it clean around the little ones, it’s held up very well over the course of the few weeks I’ve been testing up. The only reservation I have it with its price tag; $47 seems a lot for a case that’s made out of plastic and fake suede — you can get a real leather one for that kind of money.

[xrr rating = 70%]