This is pure speculation, but I have a suspicion that when Microsoft fired the person responsible for naming the Windows Phone 7 Series Phones, that same person was snapped up by the folks at Ballistic. For how else could you explain the “IPHONE 5 BALLISTIC EVERY1 SERIES CASE,” a case so badly labelled that it even shouts its name?

If you don’t mind a little bulk in your rugged case (and who would? – after all, until we can control the laws of physics like George W. Bush played the laws of the land to win his first presidential election, protective cases will need a little padding) then the IPHONE 5 BALLISTIC EVERY1 SERIES CASE is at least fairly stylish. It also has a 1mm air gap (called “Suspension Springs”) around the edge of the case. This is what adds the bulk, but it does it for a reason (the reason of saving your clumsily-dropped iPhone).

Unless you’re my brother, whose iPhone is unidentifiable as such thanks to the swathes of protection it wears (he has kids. Ginger kids), then you won’t be keeping your iPhone wrapped in the IPHONE 5 BALLISTIC EVERY1 SERIES CASE all the time anyway. The promo photos show people on bikes, or engaged in other dangerous activities, and for this the case seems perfect.

It’s also reasonable priced, as these things go, coming in at $50. Oh, and I picked the worst colors for the illustration above – you can pick grays and blacks if you like.

Source: goballisticcase

  • MattBlackWriter

    Yep the colors aren’t great, but I’m a boring black and white kind of guy anyway. Does your brother have the Otterbox Defender? I saw a video where a kid launched it out of a 23rd story hotel window and it survived. Maybe it could survive a ginger kid?

  • kavok

    Can we please leave politics out of reviews? Already had enough of it this last election cycle. Get over it already. Thank you.