iPod-Touch-A-Like Wrist Straps For The iPhones 4 And 5



I can’t be the only person who took a look at the new iPods’ wrist straps and thought, “I want that for my iPhone.” I’m forever pulling my iPhone 5 from my pocket to snap something for Instagram, and it’d be totally neat if I could just keep the thing in my hand instead, and never have to worry about dropping it.

Happily, the fine folks at Photojojo also felt the persistent pull of gravity and did something about it. Presenting: The iPhone Wrist Strap.

The iPhone 5 lacks the iPod’s neat pop-out strap capstan, but it does have a couple of tiny pentalobe screws on either side of the Lightning connector. And the strap’s mount goes there. You unscrew the screws (using the provided screwdriver), place the little bar over them and screw in some slightly longer screws to keep everything in place.

This light and sturdy aluminum bracket then forms a mount onto which the colorful leather strap can snap.

There are two models available – one for the iPhone 5 and one for any hideous and fat device you might still have which sport the old-fashioned 30-pin dock connector. Both cost $35.

I can’t quite bring myself to unscrew parts of my new phone, but I might order one just for the strap. Then, I can take one of the shell cases which seem to be multiplying in my apartment and Dremel a quick hole in the corner.

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