Calculate Tips Quickly The Fun Way With Siri [iOS Tips]


Tips With Siri

Sure, you could use the calculator, or any one of a dozen-odd apps that allow you to tap the screen and calculate the tip in a restaurant, but why even bother? iOS and Siri can meet your needs just by talking to your iPhone–or iPad, but won’t that get meatloaf gravy all over it?

Regardless, here’s how to ask Siri the right way to calculate the tip for the super-helpful server or bartender in your life.

You can ask Siri to do the math, first of all. Simply say something like, “What’s 20 percent of fifty-six dollars and ninety three cents” and it will tell you. Siri will also tell you the minimal currency you need to use to pay that $11.39 tip, as well as the total coin weight of the tip. If you don’t say “dollars” and “cents,” Siri won’t put in a decimal place, or use the currency answer, so be sure to use those specific terms.

You can also be more math-centric, as well, saying, “15 percent of thirteen point ninety four.” Siri will return the math to you, with a result, a rational approximation, and a number line, for good measure.

Via: OS X Daily

  • defactomonkey

    Wow a tip calculator. Didn’t AARP start selling these in the 70’s? Siri is amazing.

  • robert_walter

    What ever happened to 10% ?

  • SaltiMoPho

    Just asked Siri “How much tip should I leave $20.25 meal”. It gave me a detailed spread about exactly how much I should leave. Starting with a default of 18% (I guess it’s some sort of calculated average for Canada?), a percentage breakdown from 10 incrementing up to 20% and the exact change breakdown for the corresponding % amounts. IMHO that’s a better way to ask Siri for the desired info. All the info comes from WolframAlpha by the way…