Apple SVP Eddy Cue Fires Richard Williamson For Botching Apple Maps


Home Sharing coming back to iOS 9, says Apple's Eddy Cue.
Home Sharing coming back to iOS 9, says Apple's Eddy Cue.
Photo: Engadget

The world has hated Apple Maps with a fiery passion, and Apple is ready to clean house and get rid of key people who were in charge of the disaster.

According to a tweet by Bloomberg news, Richard Williamson, the executive behind Apple’s new Maps app, just got fired by Eddy Cue. After Scott Forstall was recently fired, Cue was given the reigns on the Maps app and it appears that he’s wasting no time getting things fixed.

Richard Williamson oversaw the mapping team while Scott Forstall was Senior Vice President of iOS Software Development. Apple has not yet made the news of Williamson’s firing public yet, but the move is part of Cue’s plan to install a new leadership team for the Maps group. Williamson’s replacement is not currently known.


Source: Bloomberg

  • FriarNurgle

    I haven’t had an issue with Maps. Been a long time Navigon user and kinda miss some of the extra data on the screen and a night mode. COME ON Apple, add a damn night mode to the map!!!

  • 4betthreat

    are the maps really that bad???

  • popeyoni

    The maps app is actually quite good. This is just a Knee-jerk reaction to the bad publicity.

  • flitzy

    Sigh. Not one problem with Maps yet the lame tech “blogs” continue to sensationalize the story for hits while continuing to slobber all over Google. :\

  • p8blr

    Honestly, I’ve yet to have a problem with the maps in iOS 6. I’ve used the turn-by-turn navigation at least three times without any issues. It’s not perfect, but it’s by no means “bad.”

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    I like Apple Maps. With turn-by-turn, I can use the app. Without it, it’s pretty much useless. Now, it does have some Apple-issues. Apple isn’t one to pack a whole lot of functionality out of the box. They’d much rather improve the app over time, and this app is no exception. It’d be nice to be able to avoid freeways for traffic purposes. That was my only glaring issue, but again, it’s not like other Apple services are perfect.

  • war_by_proxy

    Apple Maps isn’t terrible, but it’s not great. POI information is its achilles heel. The problem with this firing is that I imagine there were multiple meetings in which the bosses, including Tim Cook, mandated the change as quickly as possible in their infantile war with Google. I imagine it’s difficult to create a maps service that’s perfect in a compressed timeframe, even if you are Apple.

  • Tyler Schumacher

    I pains me to say it but the apple maps are horrible in the Midwest. I have had many problems with the maps. It’s no where near as good as google maps.