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Lazerwood Wooden Keycaps For Apple Keyboards



What could be classier than adding a few extra millimeters to the height of your keycaps whilst simultaneously collaborating in the death of a walnut or cherry tree? Nothing, that’s what. Which is why these Lazerwood keys for Apple keyboards are pretty much the best thing ever.

Not only do these tree-killing keycaps make your keyboard way more attractive, the way a pair of elevator shoes make a short man into a veritable pussy magnet, but they are also made using lasers.

Even better, the word “laser” has been spelled with a “z,” the second most awesome letter in the English alphabet (X is the best).

The caps sit on top of your old, ugly white plastic keys and are held in place with self-adhesive pads. You’ll need to stick these on yourself, so nimble-fingered jigsaw-puzzle fans are in for a treat (hint — start with the corner pieces).

Don’t fancy ruining your keyboard? Then why not treat a hated teenager in your life to Lazerwood’s “Beats” covers, wooden veneers for Monster and Dre’s overpriced headphones?

From $40.

Source: Lazerwood
Via: Uncrate