Will.i.am Wants To Staple Another Camera Onto Your iPhone’s Camera



Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am has a plan: he wants to turn your iPhone’s 8MP sensor into a 14 megapixel SLR capable of taking pro-caliber photoshoots. He says it’ll turn your iPhone into a “genius-phone.”

Claiming that the new iPhone accessories will “dramatically emhance the clarity and definition o fyour photographs,” will.i.am says: “‘We have our own sensor and a better flash. You dock you phone into our device and it turns you smartphone into a genius-phone. We take over the camera.”

To me, that sounds like an actual camera you control with an iPhone app, and not something that actually really needs your iPhone at all. Will.i.am’s genius idea was to staple a bigger camera onto your existing camera.

How’d will.i.am get this brainstorm? He explains to the Daily Telegraph:

The multi-Grammy-award-winning singer and musician described how he came up with the idea for the camera attachment at a photo shoot in London in 2008. ‘I was just hanging out afterwards, and one of the models took an iPhone picture, which circulated the planet before the shoot was even over,’ he says. ‘I took one of the photographer’s lenses and held it up on my [phone] and said “imagine this one day”. Then I said: “I’m going to do this”.’

Uh, okay. Anyway, we should know more details next week. Will.i.am’s series of camera accessories — called, appropriately enough, i.am+ — will debut next Wednesday at a press conference in London.

Source: Telegraph

  • LDMartin1959

    Imagine putting a jet engine into a Yugo. Sure, you could do it, just like you can put a SLR lens on an iPhone. But that doesn’t mean it’s practical or that anyone in their right mind would want to do it.


    That product has already existed for years, it’s called the mCAM: https://www.actionlifemedia.com/mcam-features

  • Stevaroo01

    That product has already existed for years, it’s called the mCAM: https://www.actionlifemedia.com/mcam-features

    It looks to me like the mcam is an enhancement tool for the built-in camera in your iPhone. As I understand it, Will.i.am’s camera is actually a separate lens, flash, and sensor that is attached to your iPhone and plugged into the dock connector. So, you end up with higher resolution images, not just a clearer image. I’m not saying its practical, but there is a difference.

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    JB, what happened? Why is this article so poorly written.