Kids Want An iPad For Christmas More Than They Want A Wii U, Xbox, Or Anything Else




Your kid probably wants something from Apple for Christmas this year. It’s a fact. No I’m not being an ultimate fanboy who’s saying that just to make Apple look cool or spread Apple’s evangelical message of peace, love and minimalism.

Kids this year want an iPad more than anything. More than an Xbox, Wii U, computer, or even a smartphone.

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen Wire among kids aged 6-12, four out of the top five things they wanted are made by Apple. 48% of children surveyed said they want an iPad, while 39% said they want a Wii U and 36% said they want an iPod Touch.

Surprisingly, kids want an iPad 4 more than they want the iPad mini even though it’s smaller form factor would make it more kid-friendly and cheaper for parents as well.

Even among teenagers that are 13 years-old and up, the iPad is still at the top of the list, garnering 21% of the vote for the most desired item. The Microsoft Surface only got 3% of the vote, but Microsoft did manage to beat one Apple product as the Apple TV only scored around 2%.

Source: Nielsen


  • Hawk_Ky

    Anyone else find it funny that the Surface, which Microsoft actively bombards you with advertisements of all day long, barely beats out an Apple product that Apple basically never talks about?

  • NethanH

    Who the hell buys their six year old an iPad?

  • Martin Dobson

    What we should really take from those results are that kids these days are spoiled… go buy them a bulk container of Legos or something instead, let them use their brains.

  • nom

    for Christmas I would like a iphone 5