JLab Kids Bluetooth Speaker Good Enough For Grown Ups



You know what kids really love? They love it when they ask you to buy them something, and you cheap out and buy them a kids’ version, a cut-price imitation of the original. Oh yeah. They totally dig that.

And you know what else they love? Garish colors. “Cool” names. And extra-long battery life. Wait, they actually do like that last one…

The JLab Crasher has it all. It’s an aluminum Jambox clone with a $100 price-tag, a range of truly hideous color options, and a “cool” name. Thankfully, it also comes in black or plain aluminum, and packs a battery big enough to keep it going for up to 18 hours.

Actually, it actually sounds pretty good. Here’s the lowdown (that’s what kids call a “spec list.” Probably):

  • Rugged Metal Body
  • 2 Drivers & Rear Passive Subwoofer
  • 90dB Volume Max
  • Full Size USB Port
  • Speaker Phone with Mic
  • 1500mAh Battery, 18 hours (Medium Volume)
  • BT2.1 30ft Range
  • Aux Connection

That full-sized USB port can – like the Braven 650 speaker – charge your device.

So it seems that I have gone from sneering snark to admiration in the length of a short blog post. One of these would look pretty neat cable-tied to my bike.

Source: JLab Audio