mŌna iPad Stand Resembles An Adult Toy


  1. Fact: I carry my iPad almost naked (the iPad is naked — not me thank God).
  2. Fact: I often want to prop the thing up in portrait mode to use with a Bluetooth keyboard
  3. Fact: Penguins and polar bears would never meet in the wild.
  4. Fact: Most portrait-capable iPad stands are just too unwieldy to live in a bag permanently.

Considering these amazing facts, it should come as no surprise that I’m about to tell you about a stand which will in fact hold the iPad in pretty much any orientation. What’s more, it does it whilst looking like a love egg that has sprouted a long, long pair of huggy arms. Let’s be honest — it’s pretty creepy-looking.

The stand is called the mŌna, which (if you’re speaking Spanish) could variously refer to its eggy aspect, or the (debatable) fact that it’s cute. Whatever, the mŌna is an egg which acts as a hinge for a wishbone section that grabs the sides of the iPad like a clown reads a newspaper. It gives a steady third leg to keep things propped up, and it also works as a keyboard stand it you lie it on its side and put the iPad on top.

Bonus: hide one of these in your female traveling companion’s carry-on and watch her face grow bright red when the “security” folks pull this out and start waving it around.


Source: Kubxlab

  • ElVox

    Yeah…except that’s not spanish :) We don’t have that ? in spanish…that’s portuguese :)

    And yes, it does look creepy-but-may-be-useful

  • C17H19N5

    My Incase Origami iPad Sleeve works fine in portrait mode, and it not only fits in a bag, it is a bag. Also, clip-on stands like this one may not fit if you have a hard shell case on the back of your iPad. The Origami accommodates the additional width with no problem. Sorry to sound like an ad, but this product seems to sacrifice utility for the sake of drawing attention to itself.

  • ErinsDad

    It’s all about access to the ‘Home Button’!