DoubleUp Doubles Down On iDevice Charging


It used to be so simple: you grabbed your gadget, and you plugged it into the nearest available USB hole. Then, a few minutes or hours later, your device was fully charged.

Now we have retina iPads with laptop-sized batteries, 5W, 10W and 12W chargers, and even differently-rated USB ports in our Macs. It’s so confusing.

Let’s make this problem disappear by throwing some money at it. $49 worth of cash-money, to be precise. And that $49 will get you the… DoubleUp!

The DoubleUp is — surprise — a dual charger with “two full-power 2.1amp USB charging ports” to juice even the mighty iPad 4, the Mr. Creosote of mobile devices. The handsome puck, which can supply up to 21 watts at a time, has its two ports firing downwards, with a status light for each one to let you know when things are done, and to add yet more light to the photon fog that keeps your bedroom aglow at night.

Available now, in black or white.

Source: Kanex

Thanks: Karen!