Retractable Lightning Cable Might Last A Whole Month



I have no illusions about this retractable Lightning cable for charging your current-gen iOS devices – it looks so much like the crappy USB and 30-pin dock connector cables that come in those vending machine accessory kits that I wouldn’t be surprised if you could break the thing inside a few weeks, just by using it as it is meant to be used.

But it is just $10, and it is actually available to buy, which are two major points in its favor.

I have a stack of miniature iDevice chargers and cables already, and as I still operate a mixed-charger setup (the iPhone 5 is the only Lightning-equipped gear in the house) it makes sense to use what I have and carry a tiny adapter.

But for the more impatient, who just have to have a dedicated cable, and who can’t wait for the overpriced Apple-approved ones to get into stores, this will probably do. The vendor says that it works for syncing as well as charging. It also offers this handy hint/disclaimer on the site:

Gentle Reminder:
This is not the original cable from APPLE Store


Source: iPhone5mod

Via: M.I.C. Gadget

  • Andrew Kerr

    I use these retractable cables in my “road warrior” kit. If you use them sporadically and are gentle, they last a fairly long time.

  • Donnie

    I use these in my Travel bag, while i dont have the latest iphone5 connector the older ones are fine, last about 2 years with some care the spring generally goes in the middle i find….buy them from for like 2 bucks.