Online Shipping Times For iPhone 5 Improves To 2-3 Weeks



It looks like Apple’s iPhone 5 supply is finally catching up with demand. Last week shipping times for all iPhone 5 models from Apple’s website were listed as 3-4 weeks, but that’s now improved to 2-3 weeks.

While iPhone 5 supply at Apple Stores across the country has been fairly solid, Apple has limited the amount of stock available online. Shorter shipping times for online orders means that Apple is more confident that they are able to meet the overall demand for the iPhone 5.

Last week we heard Foxconn’s CEO claim that the demand for the iPhone 5 has been hard to keep up with because the device is so hard to make. Other analysts like, like Walter Piecyk of BTIG Research claimed last week that Apple’s supply should start to catch up soon, and it looks like he was right.

2-3 weeks is still a long time to wait for an iPhone, but if you live close to an Apple Store, you can reserve a unit online and pick it up at your local Apple Store the next day.


Source: Apple

Via: Fortune