Woman Buys iPad For $200, Finds Out It's Just A Mirror With Duct Tape On The Back | Cult of Mac

Woman Buys iPad For $200, Finds Out It’s Just A Mirror With Duct Tape On The Back



Anytime you think you’re scoring a super hot deal on Apple’s latest amazing device, you really should make sure everything’s 100% legit before forking over $200 to some shady dude at a gas station. That’s the lesson Jalonta Freeman learned when she found out the “$800 iPad” she purchased was really just a mirror.

Freeman was fueling her car at a gas station when a man pulled up beside her saying he had a bunch of gadgets he was selling for cheap. Thinking it would make a great Christmas present, Jalonta decided to purchase the man’s “brand new” iPad that he claimed was worth $800. He sold it to Freeman for $200 and quickly drove away.

Once Freeman opened the package she discovered her iPad was really just a mirror that had been duck-taped in the back and stenciled with an Apple logo. She says she felt stupid and that it felt like she had just been robbed, which she kind of was, but she learned a valuable lesson that you should always make sure you know exactly what you’re purchasing from anyone selling second-hand tech goods.

You can watch video of Jalonta Freeman recounting her expereince right here.

Source: Yahoo