SkechBook Case Is As Tempting As The Mini It Holds


Oh man. I’m trying so hard not to buy an iPad Mini, and this new Skech case isn;t helping any. It’s a variation on one of my favorite iPad cases ever, and now it has been made tinier and cuter.

It’s called the SkechBook, and it looks good enough to make me buy a new iPad.

The SkechBook looks just like an artist’s hardcover sketchbook. It uses Skech’s clever, minimal design to be both a simple fold-around cover, and also work as a stand. It does this by gripping the iPad’s edgesm top and bottom on the right side as you use it, and hinging the rear panel along a vertical crease.

Thus you can swing the hinge of the case away from the iPad’s “spine” and put the iPad’s edge into a crease inside the case. It’s a lot simpler than I’m managing to make it sound.

It looks to be the perfect combination of lightness, simplicity and function. And being from Skech, I expect it to be both well made and cheap (the price isn’t yet on the product page). Available soon.

Source: Skech