Apple Removes Code Hiding Samsung Apology From U.K. Homepage



As part of a court ruling in the U.K. Apple has been forced to publish a public apology to Samsung on the U.K. Apple website. When Apple originally published the apology on the U.K. homepage, some clever coding pushed the apology statement below the browser window.

This morning an update to the Apple U.K. homepage has removed the coding that was hiding the apology unless a user’s browser window was extremely tall.

The coding that Apple used to hide the apology to Samsung has been used frequently in other aspects of Apple’s web design to automatically adjust page layouts based on a browser’s window size, but Apple’s use of the code for the apology was viewed by many as an attempt to hide the apology and circumvent the court order.

The apology was ordered by the U.K. High Court after if was found that Samsung did not infringe on Apple’s design patents. Apple also was ordered to publish a printed apology in a number of U.K. papers.

Source: CNET