Braeburn Acoustic Dock For iPhone 5


Still looking for an iPhone 5 dock that isn’t just your iPhone 4 dock, a Lightning adapter and a cable tie? Me too. Or I was, until Chris Jung from Braeburn Acoustics mailed me about his cool-looking acoustic amplifying iPhone stand.

It’s aluminum, which is table stakes in the dock game these days, and it’s CNC machined from a single block of the stuff (ditto). But what sets the Braeburn apart (aside from the fact that it shares a name with a variety of Apple) is its acoustic shaping, which both amplifies the output of the iPhone’s speaker and also condenses your boring musings as you drone on and on into the iPhone’s mic.


The styling comes on like a tiny Mac Pro, although in this case the grille at the front is for speaker output, not for the fans to slowly clog with dust.

Connectivity comes by way of the Lightning cable you already own, which is routed through the base and is secured in place by clever twisting.

Amazingly, it’s only $25, and you can choose from black, white or naked aluminum.

Source: Braeburn Acoustics

Thanks: Chris!