Lightning Insert Makes Elevation Dock iPhone 5 Friendly



I’m so desperate for a dock for my new iPhone 5 that I have closely studied the little perspex stands in the local Apple Store and scoured the local hardware emporiums for something — anything — that comes close to its acrylic simplicity.

I have so far failed, and am currently using the box the iPhone came in as a pretty handy stand. But I’m not really that serious about docks, unlike the people who dropped cash and patience on the Elevation Dock from Kickstarter, only to have it obsoleted by the new Lightning connector weeks after it shipped.

Anyway, all of this lede-burying is preamble to one thing: you can now buy a Lightning insert for your Elevation Dock.

The new bolt-in adapter is a straight swap-out for the 30-pin dock connector which shipped with your Elevation Dock. Using hex bolts to hold it in place and some clever shaping to clamp your existing Lightning adapter cable into the correct position, the bright-red CNC-machined insert actually makes your ultra-heavy Elevation Dock look even cooler.

I wonder, though, it the snug, snap-in grip of the little Lightning plug is strong enough to defeat the purpose of the dock, which is to stay put when you lift out your iPhone. Still, if you’re already in the hole for $90, then the $15 required for this insert (plus the sacrifice of a Lightning cable) will seem to be a good deal.

Source: Elevation Lab

  • Josh Yates

    I gotta say…the Une Bobine is an EXCELLENT choice for an extremely versatile dock. I don’t have any stake in the company other than I bought two of them through Kickstarter. I have two…one for my desk and one for my car. They both work AWESOME as charge/sync/stands…and they work in different positions. They have just released a “retrofit” so make the Une Bobine work with the iPhone 5 and a lightning cable. You can also use the 30 pin to lightning adapter for an even cleaner connection. With the release of the Micro USB to Lightning adapter, you can even use the Une Bobine Micro USB with the iPhone 5. All-in-all…great stuff!