Rubbery Bumper Case Is A Perfect Match For The iPad Mini



With its pocket-sized price and pocket-sized, uh, size, the new iPad Mini looks to be the ideal iPad to carry naked. It’s tough, it can be gripped easily, and it never needs to be left face-down on the kitchen countertop as long as your pants have normal-sized pockets available.

But of course you’re going to buy a case. And if it’s bumps and scratches you’re worried about, perhaps you might consider the Smooth Series case from Ballistic.

The Smooth is a rubbery TPU skin with extra padding at the corners, and interchangeable bumpers in those same corners (for color customizations and crash countermeasures, concurrently). The case is also shaped to give a ridge around the bezel and stop the glass from touching the table when placed face down.

Yet despite its name, the Smooth isn’t smooth. It has bumpy nodules or cutouts over the iPad’s switches and holes, depending on which is appropriate, and a set of ridges on the back which may or may not fall under your fingers.

The $40 case is “coming soon,” which means that you’ll be able to spend a little time with your Mini in the nude before you decide whether you want to dress it up or not. My advice would be to pass a quality night alone together, with a little adult video content to set the mood, finishing with the gift of a pearl necklace for your new miniature life partner. Who said that romance is dead?


Thanks: Kristen!

  • Germán Villacreces

    The problem with this bumper is that you have to sacrifice thinness. I personally prefer the classic ones, I was looking for bumpers for the iPhone 5 and I found a great high quality white bumper at, its the best and it was only $9.99 :D there are more colors too..

  • RandPaulFlix

    WTH guys? This is NOT a bumper. Very deceptive this site is. Phishing for hits you are.