Remote Shutter Release For iPhone Looks Like a Roll Of Film



Gizmon’s remote shutter release for the iPhone is simple, effective and cheap. But its novelty styling in the shape of a roll of film is likely to baffle much of its potential audience.

The iCA Remote Shutter is a kit containing a male-to-male headphone cable and a switch. The switch mimics a roll of 35mm film, and pressing down the button on top fires the shutter. The “mechanics” are simple: the switch is a volume-up button. As you already know, the volume-up switch on any pair of wired headphones (and even on a Bluetooth keyboard) will trigger the Camera app’s shutter, and this cable does the same.

But will the “kids of today” even know what a film is? It’s similar in a way to the icons still used on our computers and phones. A big old rotary-phone handset means phone. A floppy-disk icon means save. A simplified reel-to-reel tape (old even when I was growing up) means voicemail or some other recording app, and e-mail looks like an envelope. And that’s before we even get to the ridiculous skeuomorphic touches in Apple’s rich Corinthian leather interface designs.

Still, who cares? It’s just $23 at Amazon and will make the perfect stocking stuffer for the aging iPhoneographer in your life. Just don’t give it to children. They’ll probably just eat it.

Source: Gizmon

Via: PetaPixel