Lightning To Micro USB Adapters Now Available From Apple For $19




If you live in a house divided in the smartphone wars, where some members cling to their Androids while you relish the joy of your iPhone 5, you probably have a plethora of USB cables in your house that are completely useless to you. Apple now has a solution.

You can pick up a Lightning to Micro USB Adapter from Apple for $19 now. Use the adapter to connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to a micro USB cable to sync and charge, or to a compatible micro USB charger to charge your device. The adapter is available online, or at your local Apple Store.

  • wesleyvercammen

    I wan’t this for free. AND built in to the phone…

  • gnomehole

    I wan’t this for free. AND built in to the phone…

    Not me. I’d rather use a cable that functions in this century. I wonder how horrible this is to charge an iPad, since micro usb is worthless for things like that.

  • MrsCleaver

    Don’t know about this one, but the new Lightening to 30-pin connectors should be considered an embarrassment to Apple, in my opinion. The Lightening to 30-pin connector is $30, and cannot be used with an iPhone that’s in a case… unless, of course, the bottom is uncovered. Why in the world didn’t Apple add the small stub as they did on the Lightening cable itself. Shameful design, and price.

    And the Lightening to 30-pin cable is a whopping $40! Really? $40?!

    Kinda hard to use any previous iPhone accessory (microphone or IR remote for example)if you can’t connect it to the phone in a case, or if you have to attach it to a long cable.

    These accessories should be designed better, and made available for a much more reasonable price. Big Apple fan man here, but I don’t think Steve would approve, and neither will a lot of buyers.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    I went to the apple store today and they also had lightning to camera cables and lightning to SD card cables. Although this time they are sold separately for $29 instead of including them both at that price…

  • sault

    Com´on¡¡¡ It´s just a question of money! …of more money for Apple, of course. Why not just a standard micro usb port??? Lightening is bullshit.