Local Firm Wins Its Case To Get The iPhone Banned In Mexico


The iPhone could soon be banned in Mexico.

Apple has lost its battle to secure the ‘iPhone’ name in Mexico and may have to cease selling its device under a court injunction. The Cupertino company attempted to secure the name in 2009, and wanted a local company to cease using the name ‘iFone’ under the grounds that it sounded too similar.

Unfortunately for Apple, the iFone name was secured four years prior to the launch of its smartphone, and the Mexican firm has won its bid to get the device banned.

Apple sometimes uses its might and its deep pockets to prevent smaller companies from doing things it doesn’t like, but it doesn’t always win.

Two years after it launched the iPhone, it went after a Mexican company called iFone, which sells communications systems and services, and demanded that it ceased using its current as it sounded too similar to that of its iOS device.

However, the Mexican firm had already secured its trademark way back in 2003, and so it countersued Apple for damages — which could amount to a whopping 40% of Apple’s iPhone sales in Mexico. It also demanded that an injunction was placed on the iPhone to prevent it from being sold under its current name in the country.

This week, iFone won its case.

Apple will now have to stop selling the iPhone in Mexico, unless it can come to an arrangement with iFone, which probably isn’t going to be cheap considering the firm’s previous demands. Apple’s likely to appeal the case, but for now, the ruling stands.

Via: Electronista