Apple Makes Its Samsung Non-Apology A Lot More Boring In UK Papers


Nothing like a normal Apple advertisement, is it?
Nothing like a normal Apple advertisement, is it?

Apple’s statement regarding its battle against the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the United Kingdom has begun to appear in British newspapers today. You’ll have to search carefully if you want to find it, however. Like the statement the company made on its website earlier this month, this one appears without any Apple branding, and with a dull Arial font that attempts to disappear into the background.

The statement above, which Apple has been forced to publish by the U.K. Court of Appeal, appears in today’s Guardian. As required by the ruling, it’s written in 14-point Arial font, but it includes no Apple logos or other branding.

Apple’s original statement was reprimanded by a London court on Thursday, which ordered the Cupertino company to pull it down and issue a new one within 48 hours. Not only did judges demand Apple use a larger font, and that the notice appears on its homepage, but they wanted to see its references to other cases against Samsung — particularly those in the United States — to be removed.

An Apple representative attempted to convince the court that it would take 14 days for such amendments to be made, but one judge refused to believe it.

Expect to see a lot more of these adverts in prominent British papers and magazines over the coming weeks.

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  • akshay1188
  • alfa74

    IMO if Steve Jobs were still alive, he probably would have stopped selling Apple products in UK…
    Crazy sentence was that!

  • Hoppipolla

    U.K. court must love Samsung.. for acting like that.

  • Zod Buster

    Apple has been using Double Speak to its users for years.. it’s only normal they would continue using it for everything else.

  • RaptorOO7

    Its was a simple task and one that Apple was simply not up to doing. The courts told them what they had to do and they failed at over turning the decision on appeal. Their attempt at a back handed apology should have landed them in deeper end of the pool and with more penalties for willful arrogance.

    I guess when you get too big you can be too arrogant.