Realmac Software Announces Clear For Mac, Big Update For iPhone


Clear is finally coming to the Mac.
Clear is finally coming to the Mac.

Realmac Software has today announced Clear for Mac, a desktop version of its wonderful to-do app. It’s coming on November 8 alongside a big update to the iPhone app, which will add iCloud syncing between both platforms, and more.

The OS X app will be priced at $14.99, and like its mobile counterpart, it’ll sport a revolutionary gesture-based interface built for your trackpad, that’s largely free from buttons. You’ll also be able to navigate your way around the app using speedy keyboard shortcuts.

You can pre-register your interest for the app now via Realmac’s website, and you’ll be sent a notification via email as soon as it’s available to download from the Mac App Store.

Alongside its release, Realmac will launch Clear for iPhone version 1.2. It will introduce iCloud support, allowing you to store your to-do lists in the cloud and sync them between your Mac and iOS devices. Other improvements include the ability to paste in multi-line text to create a set of to-dos, and quick switching between lists with a new swipe gesture.

If you don’t already have Clear for iPhone, I highly recommend it. It’s a $1.99 purchase you won’t forget. It’s worth noting, however, that version 1.2 does require iOS 6.

Source: Realmac Software

  • Eitot

    I would have expected a price between 2 or 5 dollars, but 15? What other features does it offer besides Mac-tailored controls? It is essentially just the same app. I love Clear on my iPhone and having a Mac version with iCloud sync would greatly enhance it usefulness, but come on, 15 dollars?

  • SparxSLX

    I’m with @Eitot on this one. I love Clear app on my iphone but 15$ for a Mac app for an over simplified (sorta not so feature rich) todo app seems crazy.

  • Nilay Shah

    Agreed – although if you visit their website, the introductory price is $6.99