PassHack Makes It Quicker To Remove Stock Apps From iOS Without Jailbreaking


Passbook now holds all the links you need to delete unwanted stock apps.
Passbook now holds all the links you need to delete unwanted stock apps.

Last week, we reported on a great little hack that allows you to remove Apple’s stock iOS apps from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without jailbreaking it first. The only problem with it was when your device was restarted the apps would reappear, and you had to repeat the whole process again to remove the apps that are wasting space on your home screen.

Now the tweak’s been improved somewhat to make the whole process much quicker by using the new Passbook app in iOS 6. And no, it still doesn’t require a jailbreak.

Now named PassHack, the trick uses Passbook to store all the shortcuts you need to remove stock iOS apps. All you need to do after powering up your device is load up Passbook and select the app(s) you want to remove, then delete them.

To install the Passbook shortcut, simply visit in mobile Safari on your iOS device. Tap “Get PassHack,” then tap “Add to Passbook.” When the pass loads up, simply tap “Add” to save it.

You can now use this pass to delete unwanted stock apps; just tap on the “i” in the bottom corner and it’ll flip over to reveal all the necessary links. When you tap on these links, your device will attempt to install a new package, but it will fail. Don’t worry — that’s supposed to happen.

When it does, you’ll notice the app you wanted to remove looks corrupt; it’s icon is incomplete. You can now tap and hold the icon to delete the app.

Our friends at AppAdvice demonstrate PassHack in action:

Of course, you still need to perform the process of deleting apps whenever you restart your device, PassHack just makes everything a little quicker. Of course, if you’re like me and you almost never turn off your devices, then you’ll probably only need to do it once.

Source: AppAdvice