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Holga Filter And FX Case For iPhone 5



I’m not going to write up every single photo gadget that gets updated for the iPhone 5 (I’ll stop when Olloclip ships an updated version of its clip-on accessory lens, I promise). But as iPhone 5 gear is as thin on the ground as the iPhone 5 is thin in your hand, then the new Holga Filter Case is worth a mention — not least because is also gets a new color.

The kit does double-duty as a case and as an analog SFX powerhouse. The filters and lenses are housed in a rotary dial that looks like an old phone dial, and you just spin it until you get to the one you want.

It might be a little gimmicky and bulky for everyday use, but if you’re going out shooting then it is the essence of convenience, with no need to juggle a pocketful of individual widgets whilst simultaneously trying not to drop your precious new toy.

The filters run from essential to tacky. Red filter with heart-shaped cutout? Check. Red filter with no cutout? That’s there too. You can also choose from 2-up, 3-up and 4-up lenses to give increasingly drunken fly’s-eye views, a 60mm macro lens, a plain green filter and both yellow and blue filters with clear centers.

As I said, a retro-tastic SFX powerhouse.

The very best part of this though is the price. You’ll pay just $30, which you could easily spend on a rear-shell-style case alone. Available now in a whole range of colors, including the hideous new yellow version seen above.

Source: Holga

Thanks: Rick!