No iPad Mini For You! Preorders Now Ship In 2 Weeks


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We’re surprised it has taken this long. When the iPad mini initially became available for preorder on Friday morning, it took just twenty minutes for the white iPad mini + Wi-Fi to sell out, but the other models (especially the black) continued to be available for November 2nd delivery.

Apple doesn’t keep new products in stop indefinitely, though. As of this morning, the iPad mini doesn’t ship for another two weeks if you preorder it today. Still, it’s amazing it took this long for Apple to sell out of the much anticipated new product: either Apple made plenty of them ahead of time, or demand for the mini isn’t yet quite what it is for the iPhone or iPad.

Source: Apple Store

  • MWinNYC

    Not surprised it took all weekend for them to sell out for many reasons: (1) WiFi ONLY version- WiFi only devices are useless in certain locales, e.g. NYC. Getting on to a public WiFi network in Starbucks, LaGuardia airport, even the hospital that I work in, etc. is almost impossible. I’m so glad I got 4G/LTE on my iPad 3, otherwise, my iPad would be useless outside my apt. (2) The device has a, now, 4th-generation “A chip” in it, along with a screen resolution that is not up to par with Apple’s current technology. No offense, but only fools will pay top-dollar for technology that is 2+ years old. (3) It’s expensive! On that note, Kindle HD sales have reportedly tripled since Apple’s announcement last week. People were holding out to see what Apple introduced, and many people (not already a part of the Apple ecosystem) decided that the Kindle is a better value. I really think Apple missed the boat to pull more people into their ecosystem with their arrogant pricing scheme.

  • MWinNYC

    Sorry, I meant to say a “4-generation-old’ A processor.

  • easydone101

    iPad Mini Mini-introducing the new A4X chip