Evernote 5 For Mac Announced, Sneak Peek Beta Set For Next Week



Evernote has become an important go-to app on my Mac, my various iOS devices, and on the web when I’m away from all of them (which, I do admit, is rare). The ability to take a note on my Mac and then open it up on my iPhone when at the store or meeting has become an invaluable part of keeping my life organized.

The Evernote team announced today, then, a whole new version of Evernote, the beta for which will show up next week. It’s going to have over 100 new features to make using Evernote on the Mac that much faster, easier, and useful.

Improvements detailed on the Evernote website include a new Left side panel, with Shortcuts, Recent Notes, Notes, notebooks, tags, and expanding lists of all of these. There’s a new, improved notes list that will show all your notes at once, a Snippets view that will show valuable info about notebooks, and a new Cards view to display notes in a Pinterest-like grid for easy visual browsing.

There’s also a new note editor that expands with content, the ability to change the location of a note via a Map interface, and quite a few new keyboard shortcuts, which can be a huge timesaver.

CMD-J: Jump to a notebook from anywhere in the application
CMD-Shift-A: Jump to All Notes
CMD-Option-(1-5): Switch to main sidebar sections (Notes, Notebooks, etc)
CMD-(1-9): Jump to Shortcuts
CMD-L: Edit current note title
CMD-’: Edit current note tags
CMD-]: Indent text

Along with all that, there’ll be new search systems, with the ability to search multiple and joined notebooks. You can even save searches and use them as shortcuts. Collaboration features have also been improved, with a useful Activity Feed from all those who are making changes in shared notebooks, as well as a Share Banner that will provide quick at a glance info on how many folks are sharing a particular note.

All in all, this is quite a list of improvements to what is already a fantastic Mac app.

Source: Evernote Blog