If You Want A New iPad, It’s Time To Sell Your Old One: iPad Resales Soar Over 700%


iPad pricing

Apple announced two new iPads this week: the iPad mini and the updated fourth-gen Retina iPad. Both are going on sale November 2nd, and that means the value of your current iPad is dropping rapidly. Based on a new report, used iPad resales have increased over 700% since Apple’s event yesterday.

Every time Apple announces a new product, the value of the previous generation starts to deplete. If you plan on selling your current iPad to help cover the cost of a new purchase, you should be selling sooner rather than later.

MarketWatch reports:

Two major resale sites reported eye-popping surges in business in the run-up to the iPad Mini launch. Some 140,000 devices were put up for sale on Gazelle.com Tuesday – a 700% spike from the day before, says Anthony Scarsella, chief gadget officer at the site. Half of that increase occurred in the hours just before the announcement, he says – and the most common model put up for sale was the “new iPad” released just six months ago. Another resale site, NextWorth.com , reported that trade-ins for iPads rose over 1,000% on Tuesday. (Nextworth declined to release actual numbers.) Gazelle and Nextworth are two of the biggest reselling portals, but industry experts say they represent only a small percentage of total trade-in traffic.

There are several options for reselling an iOS device, like Gazelle and Nextworth. Glyde will also take your used iPad and pay you for it. You’ll probably get more money if you list it yourself on eBay. Amazon also gives gift cards for your iOS devices, and the offers for old iPads are still pretty decent.

If you bought a third-gen iPad within the last 30 days, you should be able to swap it out for an updated fourth-gen model at your local App Store. Good luck!

Source: MarketWatch