Dutch Court Says Samsung Didn’t Infringe On Apple Patent



Even though their main trial in the U.S. is over, the legal battle between Apple and Samsung is still raging on in at least 10 other countries across the globe, and who knows if it will ever end.

The latest verdict in the legal war comes from the Netherlands, where the court ruled that Samsung’s technology does not infringe on an Apple patent by using certain multi-touch technologies on some Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

As the two top smartphone makers in the world, Samsung and Apple refuse to give up any ground in their intellectual property battle. Apple argued in the Hague court that Samsung infringed its patent on a multi-touch function that allows users to use two fingers at one time on a touch screen.

The court declared that, “With these products Samsung does not infringe the claims that Apple has made.” Apple has taken Samsung and a few other companies to court over the pinch to zoom function on smartphones and tablets, but so far they’ve lost in the Dutch courts, courts in Britain, and in Germany.

Apple declined to comment on the ruling, while Samsung said it welcomed the Dutch court’s decision.

Source: Reuters

  • Shaun Green

    I don’t think this battle is ever going to come to a conclusive end. It’s just going to leave a confusing mess around the world for years to come until they sit down and agree a deal.

  • paulolinguini

    Well this makes a lot of sense, rectangles with rounded corners and swipe to unlock phones is not technology, however 4G LTE is extremely valuable and Samsung is the biggest source of developement. Come on guys, look outside the box, I did and you’ll see why I switched (see below video).

    Hey I’m not saying that the iphone is not a good phone, it is, however I just don’t understand what all the hype is all about. It was a knock out when the iphone was first launched in 2007 compared to other products out there at that time. Today, Google has made a revolutionary change with Android OS by allowing friendly flexibility to outside sources which keep improving the Android OS and it’s apps. The problem is that Apple controls everything that goes in and out of the iphone and the perfect example was the proven Google Map app, You tube app and Flash that was automatically removed because Apple feels like.

    Here are 50 proven reasons why the Galaxy is not copying the iphone – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPJDogdsAb8&feature=related