HardCandy Releases iPad Mini Case Before Apple Even Releases iPad Mini



Apple isn’t expected to make the iPad mini available for sale until Friday, November 2nd, but that hasn’t stopped case manufacturers like HardCandy from already promoting their new cases for the rumored tablet. The HardCandy ShockDrop iPad mini case is set to ship on October 25th, which is more than a week before Apple is even expected to sell the tablet itself.

HardCandy also released an iPhone “5” case last year before Apple released the iPhone 4S, and the case didn’t fit the device at all. Here’s to hoping the leaked dimensions for the iPad mini prove to be reliable this time around.

The ShockDrop Case for the new iPad Mini offers more ruggedization than any other rubber + poly-carbonate case. We have 10mm of shock absorbing silicon at the corners, a semi-rigid (replaceable) screen protector, and tear proof flaps. The body slims down to 6mm of protection to allow an easy fit into your bag or enterprise iPad mini Charging Cart.

The $50 ShockDrop case is obviously designed to offer good protection, which unfortunately means it leaves much to be desired in the looks department. The case comes in red and black and will ship on Thursday, October 25th.

Several case makers were sharing their iPhone 5 products with the press before last month’s event, and all of the leaked specs and device dimensions turned out to be accurate. According to sources within Apple, the supply chain in China is to blame for all the parts leaks and early case designs. It’s hard to keep a lid on such highly-anticpated devices when you’re dealing with a vastly complex manufacturing process thousands of miles away.

Source: HardCandy