Beware: Carmageddon Save Bug Could Wipe All Your Progress


Install Carmageddon's latest update to ensure your progress isn't lost the next time you play.
Follow the walkaround below to ensure your Carmageddon progress isn't lost.

Earlier this week, Stainless Games brought the 1997 reckless driving sensation that is Carmageddon to iOS, and I haven’t been able to put it down since — it’s as good today as it was 15 years ago on the Dreamcast. However, it does have one issue holding it back: a save game bug that could wipe all your progress.

TouchArcade reports that a “significant amount” of players have been reporting the issue in their forums, and that it appears to be related to a Game Center syncing save file. The good news is, Stainless Games is now aware of the issue, and it’s already working to fix it.

In the meantime, Stainless has suggested a workaround:

We have found in a few cases the following steps have made the save slot reappear. We are continuing to look into this issue to resolve it.

If you find your save data is missing, DO NOT MAKE A NEW SAVE.
Close the app including from the task bar.
Make sure you have a good 3G or wifi connection
Go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode
Launch Carmageddon again
Close the app again
Turn Airplane mode back off again
Wait for either wifi or 3G single to connect again
Launch Carmageddon, saves should be present

It’s a lengthy process to follow, and a bit of a pain. But if you’ve been playing Carmageddon as much as I have since it came to iOS, you’ll want to ensure your progress isn’t lost before an update comes to fix the bug.

Source: TouchArcade

  • snarfblat

    I have this problem now. Went to play it this morning and found my save game was gone. I followed these instructions, but it didn’t work. Tried it a second time, still nothing. I haven’t created a new save game yet. Guess I’ll have to wait for an update. Sigh.

  • snarfblat

    Update.. since I have the game on my phone too, I played a level on it.. that forced it to re-sync with iCloud and Game Center. Then when I loaded it on my iPad, it came back down properly. So put it on both of your devices (if you have them) and that may be a way around this.