Beats: A Pill You Can Take In High School



If it’s anything like the other products in the ever-burgeoning Beats franchise, the Beats Pill is likely a triumph of pricing over quality. It comes in at a Jamboxian $200, stands just two inches high, and works like any other portable speaker — via Bluetooth.

The Pill comes in red, black and white flavors, has volume switches, a pair of cables in the box (USB charger and 3.5mm audio cable) and also works for decidedly non-gangsta phone conferencing thanks to a built-in mic.

The blurb promises “soaring highs and deep, booming bass,” which is probably true, as deep, booming bass is the hallmark of Beats gear, usually at the expense of fidelity.

Middle-class school kids the world over can or the Pill right now.

Source: Beats

  • CharilaosMulder

    Funny looks and some 200 bucks for dual 1″ drivers. It’s clear people don’t care about sound quality anymore.