This Is What We Think The New Teardrop iMac Will Look Like



Apple’s iMac line hasn’t been updated since May 3rd, 2011. On average, that makes an update almost a year overdue. So you know a big update is coming, and rumor has it that when it comes, the new iMac will jettison the the optical drive to achieve a vastly thinner, teardrop form factor.

We were curious what that would look like, so we asked our designer Dan Draper to mock-up what a revised iMac with a thinner design would look like while largely retaining the iMac’s iconic portrait. The answer is familiar, and yet entirely new… the best iMac yet.

The new iMac is believed to be announced next week at Apple’s October 23rd event. Check out the full concept after the jump, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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26 responses to “This Is What We Think The New Teardrop iMac Will Look Like”

  1. Ollie_McMillan says:

    Lovely render of the new teardrop design. The shape is good because it accounts for the internals as well as balancing the weight of the display but I can’t wait until they release an iMac that evenly tapers to the edge as thin as the top of this design.

  2. BigLama says:

    Looks great. Im wondering why it would be a tear drop design instead of a gradual cover from top to bottom.

  3. mr_bee says:

    That thing looks like it has a fat “ass” from the side. I don’t think it will look like that. You’re taking the whole “teardrop” word too literally here.

    Also, Apple wouldn’t use that misleading “thin-ness” measurement used in the ad. Everyone knows that the thickest point is what determines how thin something is. Anything else is intentionally deceptive.

  4. Lars Pallesen says:

    If that’s what the new iMacs are gonna look like, I’m sure glad I bought the present iMac model! (mid 2011)

  5. MrSarcy says:

    I see no benefit at all in changing the shape. Who cares? Give me a better screen, acces to the HD, USB 3 and make sure no dust can get behind the glass and I’m happy come 2015, when I will replace my 2010 model.

  6. Tallest_Skill says:

    This is so dumb. I am the Tallest of Skils and I disapprove of this.

  7. Rob Klaproth says:

    Please dear god please tell me we all haven’t waited so long for this garbage? Why would Apple be trying to make the imac more like it’s laptops? It’s a DESKTOP people, and as such it needs to have higher powered components and better specs then the laptops, not be thinned down, and dumbed down. And please Apple do not remove the optical drive. There is nothing more retarded then having to reach for that stupid optical drive and plug it into USB every time I need to burn a CD. Nothing like having more wires on my desk. Very annoying.

  8. DS_Champion says:

    I just can’t imagine something of this shape tilting easily on the stand. While it is a great mockup, the idea behind it just sounds very unlike Apple. They have been in love with rectangles, and rounded corners. Why change now?

  9. Tcphoto1 says:

    Only if they offered an antiglare or retina display.

  10. bradium says:

    Remove all the bezels and make it a floating screen … that is what I imagine Johnny Ive wanting.

  11. dcdevito says:

    I own a 2007 iMac (24″ 2.8 GHz Extreme Edition) and I will say I love how the design hasn’t changed much since then.

    Looking forward to buying another one next year.

  12. bdkennedy says:

    Please, please tell me no.

  13. Steffen Jobbs says:

    The teardrops I’d like to see the most would be falling from Apple competitor’s eyes.

    I don’t care what it looks like from the side because I always look at my iMac head-on. I second that easy access to the HD, but that will never, ever happen. I’d still have to be able to buy those special Apple harddrives with the built-in heat sensors, so I couldn’t use just any honking-huge commercial harddrive.

  14. Stuka_UK says:

    This is so dumb. I am the Tallest of Skils and I disapprove of this.

    What does that mean?

  15. mdbell26 says:


  16. kavok says:

    No way in hell Apple is making anything resembling that. I’m guessing that it will be totally different (as they always are) from what people “fuse” together between known existing devices, and the rumored devices. Usually they are WAY nicer than anything anybody could guess with these “mockups”.

  17. Zod Buster says:

    gotta get one.. it looks SO DIFFERENT from my mid 2007 iMac…?? good job Apple ..more magical innovation

  18. TylerHoj says:

    Imagine if Apple goes with a black design like we’ll see on the iPad mini and have seen in the iPhone 5 and iPod touch?! Apple has already tested and declined to use the ‘slate’ black anodized aluminum on the MacBook line because [at the time] there wasn’t any fix for the incessant fingerprints. Though a desktop machine wouldn’t have that issue because it’s more hands-off. Really interested to see what Apple is cooking up this time around.

  19. John Frum says:

    Not what I would do with the iMac. My design would eliminate the aluminum strip on the front, so that it is indistinguishable from a Cinema Display. As the strip has been diminishing in size over the years, this is what I expect to happen eventually anyway.

  20. Wirehedd says:

    iMac Air?

  21. JoachimArt says:

    I think they will remove the front chin. And I think it will be even thinner.

  22. iMonkey says:

    I can understand ditching the CD Drive but not the SD slot surely?

  23. iMonkey says:

    Would love a white bezel iMac :)

  24. RottenGrampgoblin says:

    Does anyone know why the iMac still has a “chin”? Couldn’t those components be moved up, so that the front of the computer has a completely symmetrical black bezel, just like an Apple Cinema Display?

  25. raygoss says:

    Just speaking for myself here, but once the new iMac is on my desk, you’ll basically only see the front, so the beauty of the teardrop shape is pretty much a total non-factor for me. I suppose the beauty of the computer might inspire me to keep things a little tidier, though I doubt that would last long.

    Also, I have to agree that any move towards making the desktop models more laptopish is to be thoroughly discouraged. If I want a laptop, I’ll buy a friggin’ laptop. I don’t need my iMac to be super thin or super light, because I’m not going to be toting it around anywhere.

    Finally, although I understand that we may be moving towards a future without optical discs, I for one am not ready for that yet. I certainly hope they retain the internal optical disc for one more iteration, at least.

    What I want is more connectivity, including USB3, a better screen (I wish they made a 25″ model), a faster multicore processor, improved graphics, and larger hard drives (solid state and spinning disc). Oh, and can it be cheaper too?

    Anyway, not long to wait now.

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